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Facebook Thumbnail Downloader is a free Thumbnail Grabber tool that allows you to Download Facebook thumbnail for free and easily.

Download Facebook Thumbnails Easily

There are a variety of methods to download Facebook thumbnail. Here, we shall delve into some of the best techniques available for efficiently and speedily downloading Facebook thumbnails.

Foremost, it is necessary to comprehend the nature of Facebook thumbnails. These diminutive preview images emerge when one shares a link on Facebook. Thumbnails furnish a glimpse of the content being shared, serving as a veritable bait that impels people to click on the your link.

Now, let us into the different ways for downloading Facebook thumbnails. The simplest method is to perform a right-click on the thumbnail and select "Save Image As". This action will automatically save the image in your computer's downloads directory.

There is an alternative approach to download Facebook thumbnail image - utilizing a Facebook thumbnail downloader tool. Many free thumbnail downloader online tools exist which facilitate the mass downloading of Facebook thumbnails. One such tool which is highly favored is the "Facebook Thumbnail Downloader" extension specifically designed for Google Chrome. The extension can be downloaded and installed with ease. After installation, navigate to the Facebook post from which you desire to download the thumbnail and click on the extension icon to initiate the downloading process.

For those who intend to download Facebook thumbnails on their mobile devices, several apps exist for both iOS and Android platforms. One of the more popular apps is "FastSave for Instagram" which can also be utilized for Facebook. Simply install the app, link your Facebook account to it, and you will be able to directly save the thumbnails onto your mobile device.

In summation, there are various simple and efficient techniques to download Facebook thumbnail images promptly. Regardless of whether one opts to utilize a browser extension or a mobile app, these images can easily be downloaded onto one's computer or device. By adhering to these guidelines, obtaining Facebook thumbnails for personal use will be a breeze.


Facebook thumbnails are COPYRIGHTED and belongs to the video creator. Therefore, using a thumbnail for a personal project is not allowed without the permission of the owner. But it can be used for inspiration.